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About Us

My wife, Betsy, and I started our cabinet business in 1985, in a small garage in Twin Falls, Idaho. We built about anything to stay busy and always tried to use quality materials, listen to customers ideas, and build solid cabinetry. We have always understood that the best cabinets can be compromised with a poor installation. We insist on scribe fitting our cabinets and countertops, setting them level and true, and securing them to the wall studs. We prefer to have a fit that doesn’t require calking, except where needed for water protection.

Over the years we were able to find our niche building custom commercial cabinets and countertops, as well as the specialty items listed in this website. We acquired a great new shop in 2004 and we have appreciated the new found space and storage room.

We are entering a new chapter in our business with the launch of our new website showcasing the products we have developed over the years. We are thankful to have been selected by St. Lukes to build and install “patient room convertible seating” for 128 rooms at the new St. Lukes of Magic Valley. This project enabled us to work with local craftsmen who provided the following services: Machining, welding, upholstery, and powder coating. This project also provided the need for the convertible seat latching hardware which we developed and now have in patent-pending status. We are excited to see the future unfold and appreciate the opportunity to be considered for your next project!


Randy and Betsy Cox
R.J.’s Custom Cabinets LLC